Hass offers authentic Mexican favorites prepared over a wood-fired grill for a taste you won’t find anywhere else in the city. Vertically split-roasted, after being marinated in our own unique recipes, the meat used in our tacos, burritos, & tortas presents a truly singular medley of flavors and contributes to the individuality of our fare. The smoke from the grill adds a complexity to the flavors already present, resulting in a fabulous dining experience. All dishes are made with the freshest ingredients and we keep our recipes simple and authentic, providing you Mexican food you will love. At Hass Tacos, Burritos, & Más the truth is in the taste!


“I absolutely LOVE Hass! The tacos are so fresh and authentic. Our favorites are the carnitas tacos and al Pastor. The fish tacos are great, too. The guacamole is freshly made and the prices are perfect.”

Kristi Simone

“Nice Mexican restaurant with an awesome atmosphere and staff. They are always incredibly accomodating for all their customers and really strive for perfection. You can tell the owners really enjoy their job there, and it is shown in the quality of the food.”

Pablo Beierle-Joliot

“If you love authentic Sonoran food then go to Taco Haas; from the cactus taco to the Carne Asada it was fabulous.”

Susan Gifford

“This is one of the best taco places around. The soft taco tortilla tasted homemade. The shrimp and chicken tacos were excellent. Definitely going back to get my taco fix!”

Kristyn Gumpper

“Why haven’t I stopped in sooner?!? So much better than anything else in the neighborhood! Hass quesadilla is full of meat and pico. Wife had to eat with a fork before picking it up and the Hass burrito AL pastor was so filling I couldn’t eat or drink another thing. Definitely coming back!”

John Rodriguez